Waverly Labs


The Pilot app is a translation application that corresponds with its smart wearables counterpart developed by Waverly Labs, a consumer electronics company. They use the latest technologies in machine translation and speech recognition for their flagship product to allow wearers to speak different languages while clearly understanding each other.

After the viral success of their Indiegogo video, I was brought in to concept and design the first MVP. The first version would be a simple stand-alone app. Its scope was intentionally kept to a minimum, offering speech translation in only 5 languages. Quality of experience and relevance to the target demographic were top priorities, as was developing an intuitive way for users to submit feedback during beta.

The CEO and engineers of the Pilot App working on some initial designs

Secondary & Competitive Research

Time and budget constraints limited in-depth and extensive user interviews, so secondary research was prioritized. Qualitative data was collected from the Pilot’s Indiegogo backers through specific surveys and insights were gathered by meticulously assessing user sentiment through reviews of competing translation apps.

We also learned that a high percentage of the Pilot backers were educated males living in Westernized countries. Learning which languages they prioritized for both leisure and business purposes helped inform which five language offerings would be available in beta and which language would be the app default.

Multiple papers lying on desk displaying concept designs
Young guy sitting on sidewalk wearing a prototype of the translation device

"Greyson is a fantastic designer. Every detail in a design matters to her. Her work is thoroughly thought out and researched. She is a pleasure to work with and someone I highly recommend."

Jeremiah Warren, Creative Director

Jeremiah Warren, Creative Director

Wireframes & Prototypes

We jumped into Sketch for higher fidelity in the wireframing process and designed flows for onboarding, text translation, voice translation, support and feedback, and more. It was particularly important that users be able to easily submit feedback and support requests.

I worked closely with the team and their developers to ensure that the project would meet both business goals and also be completed by the beta’s launch date. We used Invision as an efficient way to engage with simple prototypes and leave feedback for each design iteration.

Sample iOS Wireframes
Example of iOS Wireframes
Sample Andoird Wireframes
Example of Andoroid Wireframes

Rebrand & Launch for iOS & Android

The app would be supported on both iOS and Android, so I designed the end-to-end experience for both, getting feedback from users of both platforms to better understand their needs and expectations. During this design process, Waverly Labs underwent a rebrand, which we integrated in the final design.

Visually, we knew that we wanted to focus on undistracted simplicity. We embraced white space and kept the iconography straightfoward. The beta apps were quietly launched last year in November.

3 iPhone devices featuring iOS visual samples
Example of iOS Visuals
3 Samsung mobile devices featuring Android visual samples
Example of Android Visuals