About yours truly


Currently a product designer at Ueno. Formerly Knife & Fox and Mossio.


Aw, hi there! 

I'm a product designer at Ueno who tends to use my DSLR about as much as I use the Wacom tablet when in Photoshop and Sketch. 

Funny, 'cause I didn’t start out as a designer at all. My journey began in film.

As a teenager I was passionate about starting a career in that industry and with a love for storytelling, my ambition for acting developed into an intense focus towards screenwriting and directing. In 2010 I moved from the East Coast to Texas to to be closer to an independent film community.

At nineteen I scored my first job. I was asked by a former state representative to participate in a native language preservation program for the Anchorage Museum and Alaska Native Heritage Center. The opportunity meant flying into the remote Alaskan interior to shoot and edit material for the project. After that experience I worked on three independent film sets and contributed to an award-winning documentary.

Ever curious to learn and explore new opportunities, I dove headfirst into graphic design, but realized over time I was even more passionate about products and people than just the visual craft.

I've been lucky to work with some incredibly talented and beautiful people along my journey and currently am calling San Francisco home. 

Because I identify more as a creative than solely a product designer, I also work with a core team of creatives in running a collaborative studio, Wild & Grey, where we focus on client services such as art direction, videography, photography, and design. We’ve been privileged to work with Airbnb, Mashable, Sony, Reddit, Disney, and Target, Patagonia, Blood:Water, Intercom, Hallmark, 1Face Watch, Reach Records, SWISSGEAR and etc.