Product designer formerly at Ueno,
Knife & Fox,
and Mossio.

Hi there, I'm Greyson!

Photo by: Troy Stains, Ueno

As a product designer I care about people as much as I care about visual craft. My end-to-end process encompasses early UX to delivery of polished pixels, while remaining purposeful in helping companies deliver meaningful experiences.

01Waverly Labs

iPhone mockup displaying the main translation screen

The Pilot App

The Pilot is a translation app that corresponds with its smart wearables counterpart. I was brought in to concept and design the first MVP for Waverly Labs.

02Wild & Grey

Wild & Grey desktop homepage screen

Marketing Website

Wild & Grey is a collective studio of designers and creatives focused on storytelling, social good, and designing meaningful experiences.

03Le Bloc

Le Block mobile and desktop product detail screens

Responsive Ecommerce Website

Le Bloc is a company that allows customers the experience of personalizing their jewelry. I designed the user experience flow for the jewelry customization process.

04Concept Projects

iOS mockups for a concept app showcase

Studies in Product Thinking

Whether as an exercise in creativity or a test to solve for real-life, I love to push boundaries and explore. Here’s a glimpse of work I’ve done in the past.